Self-Assessment Quiz: Should I Take Basic or 12 Lead?

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ekg strip 1
1. The above rhythm is diagnosed as:
sinus tachycardia
atrial flutter
ventricular tachycardia
wandering atrial pacemaker

ekg strip 2
2. The above rhythm is diagnosed as:
junctional tachycardia
paced atrial rhythm
atrial fibrillation
first degree AV block

ekg strip 3
3. The above rhythm is diagnosed as:
atrial premature contractions
ventricular fibrillation

ekg strip 4
4. The above rhythm is diagnosed as:
sinus arrhythmia
atrial flutter
premature ventricular contractions
third degree AV block

5. A normal PR interval is :
1 - 2 seconds
.04 -.10 seconds
.06 - .12 seconds
.12 - .20 swconds

6. The ___ wave is caused by atrial depolarization
sinus wave
P wave
Q wave
T wave

7. The normal QRS duration is :
.04 - .16 seconds
greater than 2 seconds
.1 - .2 seconds
less than .12 seconds

8. Q waves are always :

9. In third degree AV block the PR interval is:

10. A short PR interval is frequently seen in:
ventricular tachycardia
atrial fibrillation
junctional rhythm
first degree AV block

If you got a score of less than 70% you will probably enjoy and benefit from the Basic EKG course. If you aced it you are certainly ready for the 12 Lead EKG course
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